Activities of the Southern California Ki Society

The Southern California Ki Society promotes a positive lifestyle for its members and their families through its many safe and enjoyable activities throughout the year.  Chinn Sensei travels to each major location several times a year to teach and conduct testing.  Besides this and the normal schedule of classes which includes a monthly Instructors Training, seminars serve to enhance and reinforce the learning experiences of the membership.  Twice a year, one of several chief instructors from other Ki Societies (or Federations) is invited to conduct a weekend seminar in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.  A regional seminar is conducted by Chinn Sensei at one of the other key locations each summer.  Members are also encouraged to attend the National Instructors Training and World Camp.  A long standing tradition of the organization is the annual Christmas Party with excellent company, an outstanding potluck dinner, a jolly visitor from the North Pole, joyous entertainment, and an exciting round of bingo.