Chief Instructor

Clarence Chinn Sensei, Nanadan, is the Chief Instructor of the Southern California Ki Society.  He travels extensively to member dojo throughout the year as well as National Instructors Training and World Camp to learn, teach, and promote Ki Society activities.  He has also taught at other Ki Society locations upon their invitation.

Key dojo locations of the Southern California Ki Society are operated under Chinn Sensei’s guidance and the leadership of the following Head Instructors:

Torrance Dojo, Eileen Emley, Head Instructor, Yondan
Las Vegas Satellite Dojo, Wayne Tsuma, Head Instructor, Sandan
Santa Barbara Dojo, Steve Ota, Head Instructor, Rokudan

Chinn Sensei also supervises and advises the Seattle Ki Society, which is led by Susan Grigsby, Head Instructor, Godan.  Chinn Sensei visits Seattle Ki Society at least four times annually to provide additional instruction and to perform the required testing.